I would love feedback on this project to see what others would like me to include as well as additional information on any games. Please feel free to email me with your input.

MMO Scheduled Maintenance Times

Updated: Sept 16, 5:48 PM PST

The following is a list of scheduled MMO server maintenance times. While all games may experience server issues and the need for emergency rolling restarts at one time or another, this list was created to show a comparison of game maintence schedules, mostly because I was curious, but I'm sure the information could be interesting to other IT people.

If you would like to see a game added to this list please submit the name and a link to the game's official forums and I will add it.

I typically try to link to forum sticky posts from Community Managers or specific official game website's pages that list server maintenance information. However, I have marked some games below as "Inconclusive" as I couldn't find information on them, so I used player feedback posts to gauge the days and times. If you find I have incorrect information, please submit a link to a game's official website or forum with the server maintenance times listed. If a fan site has better information, send it to me and I will list it below and update the times, but I will leave "Fan Reported" in the heading.

The games listed are currently not in any order, but I may change that as I add more.

MMO Maintenance Sources:

The Secret World

Tuesday at 11:00 GMT / 7am EDT / 4am PDT with an expected duration of 3 hours. View Source

World of Warcraft

Tuesdays at 3:00 AM PDT with expected duration of 8 hours. View Source


Tuesdays from 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM Pacific. View Source

Star Wars The Old Republic

Tuesdays between 2 and 4 AM with a duration of 6 to 8 hours. View Source #1 View Source #2

EVE Online

Daily downtime 11:00 to 11:30 GMT/UTC (EVE Time) every day. View Source


Wednesday @ 8:00AM PDT - Varying downtimes based on other player threads and comments.

View Source - See Community Manager Elrar's post at bottom of closed thread.

Star Trek Online

Unsure what the supposed time is...appears to be Thursdays or Fridays at varying early PDT times with duractions of 2 hours to 9 hours. View Source #1 View Source #2

A Facebook post by a Cryptic employee says Scheduled Maintenace is officially on Thursdays from 7 am to 9 am and then once a month 6 am to 10 am for STO.

Forsaken World - Fan Reported

Tuesdays, 11 PM PDT with estimated duration of 2 hours. View Source #1 View Source #2

Jade Dynasty - Fan Reported

Wednesday - Thursday with staggered server times, estimated duration of 2 hours. View Source #1 View Source #2

Lord of the Rings Online - Inconclusive

Mondays 6 AM to 10 AM EST. View Source

Final Fantasy XIV - Inconclusive

No weekly maintenance scheduled, though announcements are made ahead of time - All World maintenances seem to be about once a month sometime between Mondays and Wednesdays, with maintenance on specific server types mixed in. View Source #1 View Source #2 View Source #3

Aion & Lineage 2

Wednesdays, early morning with duration of 3 hours.

View Source #1 View Source #2 View Source #3

Vindictus - Inconclusive

Seems to be a monthly maintenance on varying days, last two times wer eon Thursdays, third to last time on a Tuesday. View Source

Pirates of the Burning Sea

Need Info

League of Legends

Need Info

Bounty Hounds

Need Info

Guild Wars 2

No specific scheduled maintenance time. View Source


Launch is on a Tuesday so assuming a Monday night maintenance if weekly.View Source

Maintenance by Days


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Average Duration in hours

The Secret World

    X         3

World of Warcraft

    X         8


    X         2

Forsaken World

    X         2

Star Wars TOR

    X         7

Aion & Lineage

      X       3


  X           4

Jade Dynasty

      X X     2


        X     2

EVE Online

X X X X X X X .5


      X       ?


  X X X       ?





Bounty Hounds



GW2               NA
Defiance   X